Latest ebay shopping spree

I’ve been clean for almost 2 months. Ever since I got my 17th lens back in June, I realized my camera gear addiction was spiraling out of control. So just like that, I quit ebay. No more daily routines of adding new auctions to my watch list. No more updating my spreadsheet for lens pricing (which has now grown to over 3000 entries). I even stopped visitng the Flickr “No metering lenses on Nikon DSLR” group — the primary source that was responsible for this addiction.

I thought I was cured. My wallet felt heavier, and I was starting to use my gear more instead of buying more. Everything was good, until I had a relapse. One week later…  and the above picture is the result. Dammit.

As I looked on ebay, I told myself I was only looking and wasn’t going to buy. And when I started to bid, I told myself I was only bidding and wasn’t going to win. And when I won, I told myself… “Doh. How did that happen?”.

So now I have a 4th zoom lenses in the ~50-200mm range that I don’t need (Already have a 55-200mm VR, 75-150mm Series E, and 80-200mm f/4.5). And I have a 4th flash that I don’t need (Already have a SB-24, Vivitar 5200, and Sunpak 433AF). Finally, a 1.6x teleconverter which is likely going to sit in my drawer like the 2x teleconverter has been doing all this time.

I know that’s pretty insane. I know with the amount of money I spent on these old lenses, I could’ve gotten a new AF Nikkor. But there’s something about old glass that appeals to me. Nevertheless, enough is enough. I’m quitting ebay for good now. If I ever buy any more gear from ebay, you have my permission to shoot me.